The Best Way to Remove a Curse From an Object


If an object has a curse on it, there are several ways to neutralize it. A weak curse can be removed using a simple purification technique. You immerse the object in salt-water or a pile of sale, spray it with holy water or expose it to incense smoke. This will purify the object and remove the curse.

If there is a strong curse on the object, you’ll need to determine how the curse works in order to prepare a counter-spell, which are incantations and rituals designed to remove specific effects of a curse.

If you’re only seeking a temporary solution. You can use a copper object on the item, even an ordinary coin will do. Copper has the ability to deflect negative forces and drive them away, helping the item or person return to a state of balance.

Copper absorbs, then dissipates the negative energy released, due to the curse, and prevents its effects. However, this method does not always completely remove the negative energy.

You can increase the effectiveness of this curse-removal, you can sprinkle salt on the cursed object and the coin. Due to the saturation of negative energy from the curse, over time, this method is temporary.

It’s important to note that what may appear to be a cursed item, may actually be a haunted item. If an evil spirit is clinging to an object, there are a number of ways to remove this curse. You can destroy the object, banish the evil spirit or use an exorcism.

As with any cursed item or item that has a negative attachment, it’s advisable to cast a circle of protection before trying to remove the curse. When dealing with malevolent and negative spirits, you always run the risk of allowing something in, when you don’t use your circle.

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  1. This was helpful as I don’t know much about it but trying to remove curse that’s on me and my family in items but thank you

  2. A friend and I are trying to save innocent couples from being broken up by a cursed couch. It has the power to invert whatever you feel or do on it to make your life miserable. This should be very helpful. The kindly spirits thank you. Namaste.


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