Where Can You Learn White Magic Spells

White Magic Spells - Learning WitchcraftThe world of magic is a broad and exciting one, and there are lots of different spells to learn, including lots of white magic spells.

In general, magic can be divided into the wiccan, pagan and occult arts, and there is white magic and black magic. However, this is a massive oversimplification. In truth, magic did not traditionally have a color – all magic comes from the same roots. However, the concept of magic having colors is something that was popularized by western media as a way to explain what spells do and the intent of the spellcaster. In this popular view, black magic is used for unscrupulous purposes, while white magic is good magic.

Using Magic To Help People

Magic spells that heal and help are usually thought of as white magic. These spells are ones that are used with a generous purpose, and they are thought to be fairly “safe” spells. If you accept that magic has a spiritual cost, then the cost for white magic spells is lower than that for darker spells, because the spirits that are called upon are friendlier.

So, where can you learn magic spells? Well, one of the best ways to learn any new spell is from an existing witch. They will usually be happy to share spells with an enthusiastic learner that is interested in helping others. However, finding practicing witches is not always easy. Often, you will be limited to learning from books and websites. The good news is that it is possible to learn in this way, and that if you believe in magic sincerely, and practice with honest intent, you can get spells to work, no matter what source they come from.

There are a lot of different white magic spells, including:

– Healing
– Love
– Friendship
– Diet
– Dream
– Peace
– Fertility
– Sleep
– Protection
– Warding
– Growth

The above are just a few of the types of spells that can be counted as white magic. There are many others that are considered to be white magic, or that are borderline – the intent of the spell is more important really than the exact spell being used.

Is White Magic Easy to Learn

Is Magic Easy to LearnWhite Magic is quite easy to learn, in fact it is not really all that different to black magic in terms of difficulty. One common misconception is that black magic spells have consequences, but white magic ones do not. This is not the case – some white magic spells do have consequences and if you are not prepared for that, then you could end up in an awkward situation. Pay attention to what you are doing in your spells, and think carefully about the potential outcome. Remember that you are dealing with forces that you do not completely understand, and things can go wrong.

When Spells are Mis-Cast

One thing that catches out a lot of novice witches is the mis-casting of spells. It is not uncommon for spells to be mis-cast, and when they do they backfire upon the caster. Imagine if you cast a truth spell on someone, only to have it hit you instead, forcing you to speak the truth for a day – or making you unable to do anything but lie. Alternatively, imagine if your love spell backfired and brought about unwanted attention for you, or, worse, made it so that the object of your affections fell in love with the wrong person.

Before you play with any spells, including white magic, make sure that you practice the lowest level, safest and simplest spells carefully first. Do not attempt spells that will affect the fortunes and lives of other people until you have mastered the more basic spells and can routinely cast them without error.

If you find a spell online, do not try it right away. Research the spell and look it up on more than one website. Look for subtle differences, and make sure that you fully understand the likely consequences of the spell. This is the only way that you can be certain that what you are getting is safe and true.

Consider joining a social network or a forum that is focused on witchcraft. There are many such websites covering different geographic areas and you should be able to find one that will help you connect with witches for face-to-face meetings. These can provide you with the support network that you need to develop your magic.

Become an accomplished white witch is not easy, ut nothing that is worth doing is easy. If you really want to embrace the world of magic, start practicing today and do a little magic every day. Don’t crave exciting spells, practice the ones you have available to you now and read as much as you can about other forms of magic and spiritualism. It is a long road, and an open mind is a must.

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