How To Become A Witch And Finding Your Power


Are you wondering how to become a witch?

How to become a witch - Learning Witchcraft

Thanks to big Hollywood movies and stories, witchcraft has become a very alluring practice. Unfortunately, they have also embellished it to the point of many misconceptions. Now when you think about how to become a witch you probably came to conclusion that you need to find a powerful book of spells, read a few passages and see the magic happen. Make no mistake, witchcraft is a wonderful thing, but it requires discipline and respect.

So the big question is, where do you start? Is there a secret society you should be contacting? Or maybe you need a specific “Book of Shadows” that is available on Amazon? Just relax for a moment and get some perspective. First of all, there is no secret society you need to contact and neither do you need to spend money on Amazon. Witchcraft is very different from typical religions, which also makes it the most beautiful.

Before you can do anything, you need to start your journey from the inside. A witch must have a good understanding of nature and everything in the surrounding area. More importantly, a witch should be in tune to what is going on in the spiritual world. The only way to do this is by becoming connected with things that aren’t typically visible, such as energy. This is why many witches love to meditate, because it opens up the “third eye” so to speak. You need to start believing in the power of nature and how it forms part of your practice.

Another important step is to do research. Take a moment to consider what type of magic you want to practice. Before you ask how to become a witch, ask yourself what kind of witch you want to be. Wiccans are probably the most popular in the western world and they are considered as the witches that study and practice “green” magic. Learning about Gaia, crystals, herbs and oils form part of their basis and they deeply believe in peace and harmony.

Neo-paganism is much more traditional in the sense that the focus remains with witchcraft practices that reach deep into history. The change of seasons and rituals are very important to them. There are many variations of witchcraft and chances are you will add your own characteristics once you get down the basics. Ultimately it doesn’t matter which road you choose, as long as it feels right to you and it’s something you can commit to.

How to become a witchLast but not least, you are going to need an open mind. It’s because witchcraft requires a non-judgmental approach that there aren’t any “bibles” or central religious figures. There are entities that are more powerful than others, but essentially they have to live in harmony.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t approach other witches and learn from their experiences. In fact, you should learn as much as possible from those with a deeper understanding of being a witch. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and absorb as much knowledge as possible.

The one thing that usually spurs people on to become a witch entails magical powers. This is the alluring Hollywood version of what witchcraft is all about. Unfortunately you have to maintain a realistic approach. Yes, it’s definitely possible to alter what happens around you. You have the power to influence energy and cast spells, but everything moves through nature. In other words, you have to practice a manner patience.

Going into the practice of witchcraft with the expectation that you are going to conjure up loads of money and set all your enemies straight is definitely the bad way to go about it. In fact, this mind set will push you further away, because your materialistic ambition is still in control.

Once you have done research, decided what kind of witch you want to be and what you want to achieve you can start your official journey. Depending on what type of witch you want to be you can start to gather all the essentials like a wand, herbs or crystals.

As a final thought to answering your question about how to become a witch, always take the time to understand witchcraft. It’s not a movie or a game, but a way of life. This means that you have to go through a mind-shift that is based on empathy, understanding and patience. There is nothing quite like witchcraft and once you become aware of true magic, created by your thoughts and spells, that is when the world will open up.

If you are choosing to go down the road of witchcraft prepare yourself for a life-changing experience. It’s beautiful and filled with endless possibilities if you allow it to be. Enjoy your journey and there is no doubt that witchcraft will bring you the clarity of mind you are looking for.

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