Self-Love And Its Ritual


There is nothing more important than loving ourselves. It can open up new horizons and make life enjoyable. Many people don’t realize this is a choice and a decision everyone should be making. You need to love yourself. Let’s take a look at how you start.

Love is the most important part of life, and it begins with you. If you don’t love yourself, others are not going to love you. It is all about developing self-respect over time. Those who don’t respect you are going to push away over time, and that’s good.

Self-love is one of those things you need when it comes to magick. If you do not love yourself, how are you going to move forward with rituals? It is all about practice. In essence, you are opening up the mind and learning how to relax and respect like never before.

Meditation is important as you want to maximize your potential. Many people perform this and can maximize their value. You don’t need long sessions; it can be done on the bus for example.


So, let’s say you want to meditate. How do you go about it? You want to find a beautiful, quiet place that will let you relax. The thoughts in your head should flow away as you focus on taking deeper breaths. Just zone in on the breathing. It is all about letting go a bit and making sure your attention is in sync with your body instead of what’s in your mind.

When your attention is in your heart chakra (middle of the chest), this is when you’ll see results. You want to make sure your attention is near the eyes as that’s a significant component of meditation, but you also want to lower this attention during the process towards the heart. When you do this, you are going to start to come in line with various forms of love (i.e. self-love, universal love, and romantic love).

What you’re looking to do is breathe into the heart chakra. What are you going to feel? You will notice a ball of light start to develop near the chest. This is going to give you new energy, and it is going to help the heart chakra grow over time. You want it to start become a radiant example of warmth. This is how you’re going to start to increase your loving energy for everything around you including people. You will want to think about things that are joyous and will give you energy. In fact, an individual may think about something as powerful as a tornado to do so. You will want this to help you strength your heart chakra. Just let it soak you up.

Let’s say you are in the middle of the energy burst, what are you going to do now? You will state the following words:

“There’s love in the Universe.”

There’s love in me.”

“I see myself for eternity as the soul I wish to be.”

I’m an important part of this world.”

“Guide me towards the right path.”

“Let me see what I am worth with clarity.”

“I am a being that loves myself with great depth.”

“I am worthy of love from others.”

“So mote it be.”

Make sure to let these words soak into your being while breathing in rhythm. The resistance that is going to come in will be something you can stave off over time. Just keep working on it and make sure you feel as soothed as possible to the end.

You always want to feel like you are standing behind and angel and that is who you have looking out for you in the long-term. Just let the angel envelop you as a person and protect. This is the love you are going to want when it comes to your heart chakra.

Many don’t think about their qualities and how wonderful they are. You want to do this as it is the only way you will be able to improve your life along with others around you. This is how you want to benefit everything around you. To do so, say:

“I am [insert positive characteristic]” as this will help create that feeling you are looking for.

These are the words that are going to help improve your meditative state to a point where there is an increase in power and love.

You can also look to add in the following ingredients if you wish to do so:

Rose Quartz: This is going to be used during meditation and will be placed in your hand. This is a stone that is going to help with love. You will let it sync up with your positive energies and let it flow through you in the end. It is all about using it as a talisman of sorts for self-love.

Myrrh Incense: This is going to be used for self-love and healing. You will use the incense to help with meditation and let you figure out what self-love encompasses.

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