Storm of the Dog


In this incantation, you will transform into a wolf or a dog. Color and physical characteristics relate the ones in your human form, though size is usually at least the size of an ordinary wolf, and you’ll choose if you’re a dog or a wolf while casting the spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:

An enchanted amulet you enchanted yourself A candle

Casting Directions for ‘Storm of the Dog’

First of all, be warned that the first couple of times you transform it might be a little painful. But once you practice this spell a couple of times, it should come fast and easy, and you wont need a candle. Now youll need to space out a time that will provide you at least 7 minutes of spellcasting and transformation period, it is your first time casting this spell, for the first time will take a bit longer (approx. 2-5 minutes) and your canine-self will need some cool down time to get used to your new form (at least until you change back).
The first thing youll have to do is get into a canine-like mood. Think of the grass and the trees. Consider your own garden or present location and the amazing scents of the wild. Think of your own territory (Ex. Your area or bedspace, or maybe when you have your own house) along with your Cabinet members (or friends, but think of these as a Package). Or if you’re a Lone Wolf, just focus mainly on your Territorial instinct. Think of prey. Think of the joy of the hunt, the pleasure of the chase, and the satisfaction of the food afterward. This might take up to a minute.
Now sit down (if you havent already) with your legs spread out and the candle lit before you. Now Casting Mode has been entered by you. Do NOT cast anymore spells while the candle is lit or in transformation, or you could get seriously injured or worse. Now sway your hands gracefully over the flame. Chant the following:

Fire here dance before me
Please dance this way to hear my plea.
I have a request for you;
I wish to run against the wind and flavor morning dew.
I Would like to be a canine ever free
For I think this is my Destiny

Now pull your hands back away from the candle. Your hands will now begin to feel floppy and duller, your tailbone the need to stretch out and your nose the longing to sniff the earth (or tile flooring, whatever the case may be) and stalk some prey.

Thank you for granting me this almighty power,
For now I can leap to the highest tower.
I can smell danger from far away,
And pull the sleigh that is heaviest.
And now my keen intellect will come,
My new power has only started.

You will feel that your eyes change and change, and our transformation will come. Blow out the candle and cling to the ground as you howl. Youll feel you amulet shine (not hot, cold nor both) so that you know it has responded. This spell has a 20% chance it will work the first time, and if you dont transform, dont stress. The spell will have still given you enhanced canine abilities, and you will still have the ability to test after a full moon. Congratulations; you are now a Storm of the Dog Chanter. If you did change, it might take a second for you to come to your senses, and you might pass out from 5-10 seconds, and your clothing will have vanished and will reappear when you change back.
To return after some fun time running around, stop and shut your eyes. Growl a mild, unthreatening growl and await your amulet to glow. Tell it you want to change to human form, and slowly your growl will get more of a hum, and you’ll shapeshift to a human after 5-10 seconds. Congratulations! You have fully transformed from a human to a wolf to a human!

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