Werewolf Pack


A spell to turn a group of people into werewolves. Wolf-type, NOT lycan. Read everything before beginning. The “dimensions” part, you select one of two lines to say whether the wolves are normal, or the dimensions of the wolves in Twilight/direwolves.

You will need the following items for this spell:

At least four individuals Purple candle Royal blue candle Yellow candle for Everybody except two people (with 6 people you would use 4, with 9 you would use Matches or lighter Picture for each person, depicting their future wolf type Knife or dagger for each person Gemstone or crystal for every single person, chosen by them for the spell Out on full moon night

Casting Instructions for ‘Werewolf Pack’

Sit in a circle outside with the future package. The alpha should sit to the direct right of the beta. Everybody needs to have a candle before them. The alpha should have the purple candle, the beta the royal blue candle, and everybody else a yellow candle. Everybody should place their crystal and the candle, then hold the knife to the left of the candle. Set the picture to the right of the candle. Everyone lights their candles. The alpha ought to chant:

“The moon guides us,
So let it be.
Let us be the moon’s children.
We shall be mighty wolves,
Our powerful paws, blunt claws and sharp fangs
Will strike down our prey.
And I shall lead our bunch,
As the Alpha Wolf.”

The beta then follows with this chant:

“We shall transform under the night,
Into great wolves,
(The size of regular wolves/As tall as a human at the shoulder)
And crazy, and free.
The shift will be painless and quick,
And we can bring it on whenever we wish,
Or end it when we need to walk in human skin.
We’ll have full control.
We will not kill except by our own will,
And we will run free.
We will have our wolf perceptions,
Strength and speed, and agility,
In both of our forms.
And we’ll also have colour vision in both.
Freedom will be ours!
And I will aid our alpha,
As the Beta Wolf.”

The rest of the circle continues, beginning with the individual to the remaining beta and continuing around the ring. They say this chant, one by one:

“I run free, I run wild,
The moon my guiding light.
We rise above man,
One with the land.
Earth, air, fire and water,
Our world, we understand you well.
Drive us ahead, let us be,
Beautiful wolves!
Mote it be.”

Then the alpha, then the beta, then everybody else in the identical sequence as before says this chant and then burns the image.

“I will resemble this wolf,
The one in this picture.
My pelt will bristle with its colors.
I will change at will, forward and back,
And rise high as the moon.
This is my will,
Mote it be!”

When the picture is burned, each individual lifts the gemstone or crystal and imagines running through forests as the wolf at the picture. When they have a very clear picture, they put the crystal down and carve their name at the candle, and a pentagram below it.

When everyone is done, bow into the middle of the circle. Take the knife and crystal as you leave, and leave the candles to burn down.

To initiate a new person, have them say the chant (not alpha or beta chant) above a yellow candle, then state the picture chant, burn the picture, hold the crystal, imagine the wolf shape, do the carving, bow to the moon, and leave the candle to burn. Then the alpha says over the candle:

“Moon, welcome (name) to our bunch.
Let them change as we change.
Let them shift as we shift.
Drive them forward, make them a werewolf.”

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