Lycan Spell


Spell to turn you into a lycan or werewolf. You need to be able to change at will.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A Full Moon or New Moon Aconite Essance or plant doesnt matter Items Symbolic to Selene and Nyx and Hecate and Artemis The Serpent Penatgram and Pentacle Drawn from the Ground Tree Stump or alternative object to place thigs on Outside 1 Ritual Knife 1 Bowel 10 Black Candles 1 Lavender Flower 1 Nightshade

Casting Instructions for ‘Lycan Spell’

This spell is best done on the Full Moon but a New Moon would suffice. First on the ground around you make certain you have alot of space todraw your pentagram and pentacle on. Place the candles on each end point but DO NOT light them yet. Then put your offering to the Goddesses Selene, Nyx, Artemis and Hecate on the stump saying a breif prayer to each goddess. Then Put the ritual bowel at the base of the stump and using the ritual knife prick your finger and let 10 drops of blood flow to the bowel and place the Aconite, Nightshade, Lavender in the bowel and let 7 more drops of blood to touch the plant and then put it all aflameand as you light the candles Chant in Latin:

Matri omnium magister tenebrarum domina lunam noctis domina et mater Magia humilis servus tuus petit a te , ut det gratiam Lycanthropy mihi in animum et corpus et animam . Volo ut renascantur Childe Luna Sic fiat.

Translation is:
Mother of All, Master of Darkness, Mistress of the Moon, Lady of the Night, and Mother of Magic your humble Servent asks of you to bestow the gift of Lycanthropy unto me create so in mind, body, and soul. I wish to be reborn as the Child of the Moon So Mote it Be.
Subsequently Bow Your Head and thet all the flames die down do not put them out. Afterwords Bow your head if you smell the odor of pine and oak the spell would have worked. Then You should promptly Go to sleep within the pentagram. As you sleep you will see a huge wolf with bright blue red or yellow eyes with varying fur colors. That is how you’ll look in you Lycan state with the exception that you’ll still have the quallities of a human standing on hind legs opposable thumbs a bushier tail then actual wolves and ect. It takes 3 days to take full effect.
Side Affects Are:
A craving for infrequent and cured meats
Greater Strength Speed and Stamina
Enhanced Senses
Being More Awake at Night
When You do Transform in 3 times stay away from people of the 3rd day and night because when you do transform you will not have the ability to control yourself.
Message me if there are Any other Side Effects
Have A Wonderful Day or Day:Shadowolf666

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  1. does it work ? im intrested in becoming one also if it does please contact me on my instagram talesfromthevatto or my snapchat titoroni8

    • If it works plz message me I need the strength of a lucan right about now I always wanted too form a werewolf pack especially at these time its us against are enemies


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