Summon Your Own Elemental Wolf


I am not quite pleased with the lack of these type of spells (Since I attempted one like that and it did not work) So I decided to make a spell of my own. Tell me if this works for everybody, this spell is the one me and my buddy used to summon our Air wolves, Aera and Minerva.

You will need the following items for this spell:

(If you are doing this with a friend, use as many as you need, these quantities are for a singular use) 1 Piece of papyrus/unruled thick paper 1 Place of colours/pencils 1 Silver/Gold pen/marker Enough space and time to look after this mythological animal.

Casting Instructions for ‘Summon Your Own Elemental Wolf’

STEP ONE Draw a near-perfect sketch of what your wolf will look like. Draw in Wings, Aura, etc. of whatever you want your wolf to look like/have. But keep in mind, it must be realistic and precise, take art courses or, if you’re a natural good drawer like myself, try to make it as high quality as you possibly can. Try to also avoid the obvious mistakes, like a Fire wolf with a Blue Aura, and only drawing on the mind. When you are finished with your sketch, write its elevation above it, and its length. Be precise. Then, color it in based on its magical Element (See Below). STEP TWO Take a picture of yourself and print it on precisely the identical type of paper/papyrus. (NOT the one you used earlier on). Then stick it next to your wolf drawing, and then compose your height over your picture. STEP THREE Now, fold your paper/papyrus in half and on it, write its abilities, like; Name:_________ Age:__________ (or you can just compose) Powers:_______ Element:______ Accessories:__ After that, get your Silver/Gold pencil or marker and draw a pentagram on either side. After that, hold the paper and chant: (Element) wolf of mine, come to me by egg of (Element). I summon thee, newborn mythical Creature, so mote it be! STEP FOUR Finally, this is where you must set your heart and soul into this spell. Each day/night, at the exact same time you finished your drawing chant: O (your religious God), please grant my fantasy wolf from egg to end! (Element) wolf of mine, come to me by egg of (Element). I summon thee, newborn mythical Creature, so mote it be! On the next night, you should think of your wolf. You will dream of it with you. That next morning, you should look out in your garden. If you see a cracked egg, or a hollowed-out egg, it does not work for you. If not, and you find a perfect round rock, take it indoors, if it looks like yours… Air-White Egg, Appears in the windiest spot of garden. Water-Blue Egg, Appears in Pool/Lake/Wettest Spot in your garden. Fire-Red Egg, Appears in BBQ/Hottest Spot in your garden. Earth-Green/Rock Egg, Appears in Garden/Greeniest Spot in your garden. I HOPE YOU GET YOUR WOLF! FAQ’S What if an Egg Does Not Look After I Dreamt Of My Wolf? -Wait, and continue chanting until you can find an egg or two; either cracked or like the following descriptions I said above! What If My Fantasy Never Comes? -Test Your Magic At and see whether you have sufficient magic to do this charm. What Should I Feed My Wolf? -Depends on their power, such as Earth might be a veg., Fire eats BBQ meat, Air may like Candy Sprays or lamb, and Water might like Fish. Try ’em all!

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