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But I was intrested but there was NO WAY I was eating a Hand full of salt, so I made this. But instead of him/her just asking you out, he/she will love you, and he/she will tell you next time you visit them. Yes, they WILL visi you each full moon. Like XSuperWolfX’s spell, it is possible to design what he/she will look like. Go on if you want and give them green fur! Please message me if it works and if something bad happens it IS NOT MY FAULT IF THEY GET HUNTED DOWN OR ARE ON THE NEWS! REMEMBER THAT! Whether it works on someone you admire from a 15, and I am not sure

You will need the following items for this spell:

Color pencils/crayons and whatever coloring utensils you have!
Love for that person
your mind (or voice)

Casting Directions for ‘Werewolf lover Spell’

1.) Draw him/her the way you would like them to look as a Werewolf!
2.) When finished, set to your heart and chant the spell under THREE TIMES!

“My beloved ________, I’ve loved you for long, you shall finally feel exactly the same. Creatures of the night. Almighty turn your one I care. He/she shall come to me, and acknowledge his feelings. He shall see me every full moon, he/she will appear at my window, his (werewolf fur colour) glistening, his (werewolf eye color) shining like his large crystal clear fangs, so mote it be.”

Again, I DO NOT KNOW IF IT WORKS!!!! PLEASE tell me if it functions! And This was mainly centered for girls but it should work for men to!

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6 thoughts on “Werewolf lover Spell”

  1. it worked I did this a week ago and me and my boyfriend did it to each other at our houses and we saw each other we told what we did on the way to see each other it was the MOST AWESOME day of my life and I can shapeshift into a werewolf any time I want to and I shapeshift when I get mad but it has been a blase being with my boyfriend!

  2. i just did the spell. i will wait till the full moon to see if it works. hope it did, cause i want to rekindle my feelings with someone and being a werewolf is the best idea so far since both me and her love wolves. have a great day y’all!!!


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