Werewolf Meditation


If you practice this enough you can meditate yourself into a werewolf; but it takes practice!

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Werewolf Meditation’

The first thing to do is relax. You have to be fully relaxed for this to work. I suggest you sit against something. Next you need to picture your wolf body and will yourself to become it. Bring yourself into believing that and you’ll become your wolf. If you concentrate hard enough and will it to happen after time it ought to happen.
Concentrate on this and then your leg or arm muscles will begin to get restless or actually hurt! Dont worry! The pain exists the time. Later transformations may still be slightly uncomfortable or be numb or itchy or even feel very good and give a high, its case if really. Continue on concentrating and don’t fight the pain. It will make it worse and block the shift. Finally you will shift.
Caution!! Since new shifters normally experience memory loss and can not control their wolf instincts the first couple times they may become a real danger to others. What I recommend you do is go into your room and lock the door.
To shift back to your human form, all you will need to do is the same as above. Relax and will yourself back into your form. Or you can just curl up and go to sleep. You may wake up back in your human form. (Your body and mind will revert to the form they are most happy in.)
Notice you might find it difficult to not shift when getting angry from now on and ripping someone apart, no joke.

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