Werewolf Ritual


Someone to turn . The form you take will be of a wolf, not a half human half wolf.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Full moon, night, outdoors A feather, some water, a rock and a candle (or something else to represent fire if you cannot burn anything.) Picture of a wolf (picture, figurine, plush toy, etc., Preferably a lavish or large figure) A part of your own body (hair, nails, blood, enamel, etc.) Milk Honey Basil Bay leaves Cinnamon Salt Bowl and spoon Towel or mat to sit on

Casting Directions for ‘Werewolf Ritual’

Sit cross-legged facing the moon. Sprinkle salt in a circle around you and your items. Place the items representing the elements around you, with wind at your left, water in your right, fire before you and earth behind you.
Put the bowl before you. Put the spoon beside it, and the wolf item on the opposite side of it. Put the body item into the bowl.
Pour milk into the bowl, then blend in honey. Sprinkle in powdered basil, bay leaves and cinnamon, then add a pinch of salt. Stir until the salt is dissolved and there are no clumps or massive parts of the herbs.
Look up at the moon and shut your eyes. Envision wolves running, moving, playing, searching. See how their bodies move. Then recite this chant. (You may print it or write it down.)

“Moonglow, mist, bone and muscle
Black and water weathered rock
Blood drawn muted and death screech
Scraping for magical within reach
Violet blood through crimson vine
Lightning strike and frothy brine
Fangs and talons, eyes of awe
Power held by bloodied claw
Control is false, instinct is law

The weakened body, modern form
Will never endure the storm
Drowned away, the heartbeat is dead
But the harvest moon shines red
The crazy soul that I call mine
Belongs to a body lupine
Moon, the packsong cries for thee
And now the call reaches me
The wolves will come to set me free

Sinews, fur, fangs, but no pain
On the world the Moon shall reign
A change comes when it calls my name
And my mind shall stay the same
Conscious thought, but instincts wild
The pack-mother welcomes her new child
My siblings in the hunt and prowl
Pack-brothers and sisters will meet me and howl
And I shall change under midnight’s cowl

I will know the tongue of my family
We will sing, hunt, and run free
Senses give a second sight
So I can find prey under cover of night
My wolf form stronger in every way
And I return to my normal form daily
I shall have magical in my fang
So I can alter any woman or man
And packs will be born across the land

Eventually I will gain full power
I might choose to change at any hour
After some time all will be freed
To switch back and forth as they need
And when they don’t need the moon to change their kind
It will no longer make them change
And wolf packs will grow as more werewolves are born
All brothers and sisters, whether born wolves or reborn
To the moon and our packs forever sworn.

By the sun, the moon and the power of three,
Stars and spirits and powers that be,
Wolves of the woods that listen to me,
This is my will, so mote it be.”

If your own body part could be choked on, remove it now. Anoint the representation of the wolf with the liquid you prepared, then anoint yourself. Touch your left hand to each of the four components, then to the wolf, to your heart, and to the liquid. Now drink the rest of it, and sprinkle salt at the bottom of the bowl. Close the circle in any way you desire, then bury the feather, fire and stone item, and pour the water over where you buried it. Put the containers for the potion and water inside the closed ring, then go inside and sleep.

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14 thoughts on “Werewolf Ritual”

    • You might be surprised by what can be achieved if you have the understanding and will.
      – Coupled with the right soul, a spell like this could be effective – but not how you might want.
      — see, I’m 18 as well and my lust for Understanding and wisdom is insatiable! I will tell you this: The wolf is my Spirit animal. My body is human – but it carries a Lupine Grace, “Wiry – ness” and agility.
      I’d look to myself, if I was you… You might already have it. Google and find out if your Spirit animal is A wolf – Remember that the wolf has a Shadow side – as any human soul.
      I also happen to possess A powerful Intuition that lets me see through Illusion, lies and fake information, fake people and Possibly anything that’s not pure and right.
      These are a good and Distinctive few qualities of us Lupine Souls! It’s all true, so I hope you’re still reading, Bear with me.
      Listen – there is a spell which I’ve been using, since fourth grade – It’s a chant 10 times to be done facing the full moon directly – without making a mistake. You’ll find it on Spellsofmagic.com WARNING! There is lots of B.S on that site! And these “Spells” won’t physically Alter you (much) but I’ll suggest you then master energy manipulation – passive, pure Willpower and belief
      (Spellcasting in general)
      I do this by Designing and adopting and/or Altering spells that I find and Practice using them. Then apply what I learn and feel and see to my more important Ideals.
      Why… Here is an example that you will surely enjoy and find enlightening!
      So during a storm, or just rainy weather (more difficult -but not really) I am capable of “calling down” a lightning bolt by focusing my mind, visualising the area I roughly want it to strike in, and while keeping that there – I start another Visualisation in which I see how electricity flows through everything – the nerves in our body, enabling us to feel – The very atoms that everything is made up of, (enabling literally existance itself!) I see how it Courses through all the parallel universes if possible, in every Possible scenario! Now, I turn my mind back to the area where I want my bolt. — (yes, mages just shooting their hands forward and firing lighting is ENORMOUSLY exaggerated) Now I imagine Yin and Yang, positive and Negative Light splitting dark, and darkness returning as quick as it vanished – I imagine the single force that has the right to Connect the earth with the sky, and seeing it it’s impressive display of power, and nature’s Omnipotentce. – now With the mood set and the ritual cast – I visualise the strike, saying a strong word – (it could be an actual word or just a sound, as long as it Inspires the moment)
      And lo and behold – a minute or so later, a flash, a roar and a deafening Clap I hear I saw and heard in that direction! — I was so happy and felt just as strong as nature and in harmony with it…. This, my friend – is what you are capable of. This is The Spellcasting Mentality, the Power within YOU and ME and all of us who choose to Follow it. I hope I’ve inspired you and that you will apply this level of Belief and understanding in your attempt at becoming what you’ve always desired. I am doing it too, and that spell is one I’ve made “in the heat of the moment!”
      Now go my wolf friend 😉 Go and bring your true potential from within you to shine Forevermore!
      I’ll give you one last tip;
      Remember that we were once One type of being! Plant and animal separated from a single cell, And both grew and evolved separately. And yet…. We need eachother. Ancient blood flows through us, and we don’t have to dig very deep to find our intuitive, cunning, feral, free but also affectionate and loyal side! Infuse your ancient blood and soul into your body – I wish yoy success
      Remember to have Dedication.
      – StormWraith.

  1. As I was reciting the incantation I felt power. Not in myself, but in the words. The brew looked mildly disgusting but as I drank it it tasted like vanilla ice cream. (My personal favorite.) I was shook. I started acting a bit rude towards others… Is this a part of this? And I could totally see better at night…


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