Bonding Ritual


This is a spell that will help to solidify to create a deeper bond between you and a loved one.

You may need the following items for this spell:

• A pink candle
• Sandalwood oil
• 2 sheets of white paper
• Pen or pencil (red is great but not mandatory)

Casting Instructions for ‘Bonding Ritual’

This is a spell you should do so hopefully your partner appreciates and accepts your witchcraft practices. The first step is for each of you to make a list of the qualities they like and admire most in another person, written on the white paper. This should be a well thought out list, not something hastily. Have at least 6 to 10 items. You both need to bring your lists to your altar area when you intend on doing the spell (Friday nights are best).

Light your candle and make comfy facing each other. Call Aphrodite (or other appropriate love goddess) and repeat the ritual:

Lady Aphrodite, join our ritual tonight
Bless our union and bless our rite
Our eyes are opened by help,
Our bond strengthens,
Help bring us together,

Both your partner and you should repeat the words. When completed, each take your list out and read aloud the items on it. Dab a small sandalwood oil, when you are done just like you are leaving a thumb-print and press against it to the peak of each page.

Thank Aphrodite for linking your charm, and then blow out the candle. Fold up the sheets of paper and keep them both together in a safe place in the bedroom

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