Body of Aphrodite


Spell to get fit, lose weight, become appealing, and more beautiful. With the help of the divine Goddess of beauty and physical love Aphrodite.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 gold candle
1 yellow candle
1 red candle
1 pink candle
1 purple candle

Casting Directions for ‘Body of Aphrodite’

Take the rosemary and sprinkle it in your candles. Take the rim around the candle with the lipstick to the lipstick and color. Choose the lipstick and put it on your lips. Then use the lipstick and indicate everywhere on your body where you want to lose weight (for instance, buttocks, thighs, stomach, arms). Place the candle that is gold . Next to the gold on the place a candle, to the right of the golden candle place a candle. In front of the gold candle place a yellowish kind of candle to represent burning fat. Then, place the candle behind the gold candle.
“The beauty of Aphrodite and the body of Venus I call upon the goddess of love. With getting more attractive bless me, help me get into shape, lose weight, and become more beautiful please. I use the red candle to signify attraction yellow to burn calories and my fat off this candle to symbolize the divine, and pink for attractiveness. At the areas I want to get rid of weight my body has been marked by me with this lipstick. Help me become more healthy and fit oh Aphrodite and bless me with all the elegance of your beauty. Blessed be.”
You may then blow your candles out. It’s done.

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