Blood Love Potion w/ Spell


As something went wrong I made a new one here. I guess you can consider this a potion

P.S. Befriend goal, as you want to use their beverage in this.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Needle/pin (clean and sharp)
Plaster (for after making the potion)
Colored drink for target
Also yes I spell it coloUred, I’m Irish don’t blame me.

Casting Directions for ‘Blood Love Potion w/ Spell’

Use the needle spill 1-2 drops of blood into the drink, while saying this spell mix

“Je crée un véritable amour de moi et toi”
Which is french for
“I produce true love between me and you”
Not it’s the simplest translation in terms of understanding.

Have target drink the ? potion? Yeah that’s good, Concoction.

Anyhow, you can change the spell so that rather than intense love, it might be temporary, like until the next moon, or after I do “this” ritual the love will end blah blah blah etc..

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