A love spell to make someone love you with your cat familiar.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Fur from your cat
White paper
A pencil
1 pink candle
One blue candle
A saucer

Casting Directions for ‘Bewitch the One You Love’

Sit your cat and stroke him. Place the hair on the paper. Then light the pink candle to represent the one that is blue and yourself to represent. Write your name on the title of the one and a piece of paper you love underneath yours. Sprinkle the cat fur in your titles and fold up in the big piece while saying and burn in both candle fires:

As fur burns in this fire enters my title. As your name burns your heart turns. Within my cats nocturnal hours, (name of cat) will work on you his power. While you rest, until you give my love request, I’ll be in your dreams.
Place the paper in the saucer to let it reduce to ash and play with your cat while the candles burn. Tell him you know he will enable you to win the heart of the one you love. Snuff out the candles bury the ash. Wash the sauce and then pour some milk for your cat.

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