A spell for a witch

You will need the following items for this spell:

Something to burn

Casting Instructions for ‘Beltane’

Light a candle up of your choice (I chose red but you may pick any). You may burn the wood/herbs (rosemary etc) you want to burn. And chant this: Bless, O threefold bountiful and authentic my spouse, my kids, Bless everything within my dwelling and in my possession. Bless the kine and From Samhain Eve into Beltane Eve, With gentle blessing and progress, From sea to sea, and every river mouth, From wave to wave, and base of waterfall, the flocks and the corn, the plants. Be the Maiden,Mother,and Crone, to me belonging, Taking ownership of all. Be the Spirit of the Forest, the Horned God, Protecting me and honor. My soul a protect loved ones, Blessing every one and every thing. All my land and surroundings. Terrific gods who make and bring life to all, I ask for your blessings. Blessed be this day of Beltane. Wedding day of the Goddess and the God. Day of Sacred Marriage. Night of Sacred Union. The fertile Goddess of the Summer walks through the land With the Great Horned God of the forest. And Winter’s dark time is behind me. Blessed Be May your light shine upon the ground May be hot as fire May the winter stay behind me. So mote it be! You might eliminate the leftovers any way you prefer. Doesnt really matter.

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