Become Popular


If you have ever felt bullied, unwanted, or lonely, and you need to feel confident at college and accepted, you might want to look at casting this spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Sea Salt

Casting Instructions for ‘Become Popular’

Meditate for at least 15 minutes prior to casting this spell. This spell must be done on a full moon outdoors. Make sure that you have a strong voice , pure willpower, concentration, and a mind.

Go outside and set the lawn with the towel. Ensure you have clear vision of the moon. Light the candle and set it down. Sit down on the towel. Start to take a few deep breaths. Call to the goddesses: Aphrodite for Beauty/Love, Philotes for Friendship and Love, etc.Once you have connected with the goddess of your choice

All are drawn Inevitably to me My popularity raises It is done, harms like I will it And By the Power of 3 This spell is true

Repeat this spell 3 times. Blow the candle out. Each morning when you get ready, say the spell 3 times and light the candle. You will feel the confidence and friends being attracted throughout the day to you.

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