Powerful Love Spell


This spell helps things that respect love and relationships even divorce. Read below for details.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Get 5 candles that are long
2 Incense (any kind) If you use sticks then get 2 holders
A personal belonging or hair in the individual
A small mirror
Ink pen and white plain paper

Casting Directions for ‘Powerful Love Spell’

This love spell may be used to:

Make some you love, which you had a connection with, fall in love with you.
Breakup a relationship and make.
Stop a divorce.
Create a marriage.
Make your partner thinkabout you.
Help you have sex.
Make you more and more sexually attractive!
Begin with placing the candles just like a 5 edgestar. Put the mirror in the midst of all candles. Place the hair or personal belonging. Make 5 small pieces out of the paper. Write a desire. Make sure its as small as the pieces will burn during the ritual. Make sure that you are in an calm environment. You need to be focused. 1. Light the candles, start with any candle, then light it clockwise, one by one. 2. Light among the Incense and put into the 5 edge star made out of the candles. Anywhere. 3. Chant: Blessed be mild, Blessed be love Dreams become! 4. Burn one of the candles of the wishes on one. Place the piece of paper to the mirror you’ve placed in the center. And let it burn there. Now chant: Blessed be mild, Make my dream reality!

5. Continue with the rest of the fantasies. NOTE: for burning the fantasies Dont use the candle. Use the candle one time on a single wish, then choose the candle till you burnt all wishes. 6. By now you have burnt all pieces of paper with your wishes. Now you sit for 5 minutes with your gaze on the mirror and the burnt pieces of paper. Repeat the words With love and light, I pull you too me, (Say the persons name) your love will forever be connected with mine. We’ll be as one. Repeat this slowly for 5 minutes. 7. When you done for about 5 minutes, you chant out (not loud): Blessed be mild, Blessed be love Dreams become reality I’m with you! 8. Blow out the candles, discard the incense and all candles. Allow the mirror and belonging stay. Light the incense that is second. Let it burn out. When you come back and see the incense. Chant one last time:

Blessed be mild, Blessed be love Dreams become reality I’m with you! The ritual is now complete. You will have results in 5-7 days, if all went well. NOTE: when you chant, You dont need to talk out loud, you can whisper it. Discard all BUT the personal belonging (if that’s what you used) and the mirror, anywhere that’s fit. The ceremony length can differ stay focused and but just take it easy as you perform the ritual. That’s the thing that is important! There’ll be no with this charm and the topic will not be a zombie or a robot for you. Powerful love-emotions that are true will awaken. Blessed be love

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