Return Love


After a breakup with a person that you feel has nothing left for you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

VERY STRONG EMOTIONS 4 person and a STRONG DESIRE to have love returned. Blood, tears, and all.

Casting Instructions for ‘Return Love’

I was very distressed after a breakup with my ex(I found out he was cheating) so while in tears I repeated with great force this chant;

(MUST BE ON KNEES in a prayer position and worked up. Think about all the love that was sent out into relationship.)

”I invoke the law of 3 what once was lost returns to me, I gave my love my heart to see, I have given love now I receive…I give love, I receive love. I give love, I receive love. Saint Anthony find my love for me. Return love to me 3*3!”

*I waited…my ex wasnt the one …BUT another man came along and loves me intensely. INTENSELY. I mean drop everything lets get joint bank account intense.*

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