Cemetery Powerful Love Spell


This love spell is on the cemetery. I recommend that only experienced practitioners of black magic!

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 photo
1 bunch of sagebrush
1 roll of red thread
3 sticks of aspen
1 box of matches
13 white coins
1 piece of fresh meat (beef)
13 chocolates
1 bottle of red wine

Casting Instructions for ‘Powerful Love Spell’

9 lunar day to take photos or personal things (clothes), the person who should bewitch.
Exactly at midnight, go to the cemetery. find the grave of a man (if you’re a man bewitches. grave or woman (if you’re a woman bewitches).
Age of the deceased should be the same, how many years, your favorite (to whom you want to bewitch).
From the cemetery to take a bunch of sagebrush, natural red reel of thread (cotton or silk).
At the tomb of tie beam sagebrush red thread and say:
”Sagebrush! Cleave not to my liking, but to ___ (name of who bewitches). Amen!”

In the center of the grave to insert three aspen sticks and set fire to. As soon as they flare. put out of them. So that they are going smoke.
Fumigate this photo of smoke and a bundle of sage. and at the same time say:
”How in the grave of a dead man lying through your name ____ (name of deceased), your soul. I beg you, how do you know when the life of all human needs, and was among the needs of The Human Love. And the love that your heart is still burning . And your heart is not extinguished, either by day or night. Grave these words, these cases are grave.
Yes, love is fervent in your chest _____ (name of deceased).
Yes, the deceased will go out of my chest, this fervent love living in the heart of _____ (name of who bewitches).
Will become the love of his (her).
Thus, in the heart of ____ (name of the person you bewitches) enters a fanatical love of
Yes, this indefatigable love for me _____ (your name).
Smoke this road through aspen this grave. Yes, a dead man ____ (name of deceased).
If you’re dead from the grave did not get up, do not go.
Until then, the heart of _____ (name of who bewitches) love me _____ (your name) will glow.
For ever and ever. So be it! ”

Aspen taper to pull out of the grave and the grave to throw, and spell the word twice more to say. then pick up aspen taper burned so and stick them together into the ground (beam) and say the words:
”Three sticks of aspen, a fervent love. ____ (name who bewitches to) love me _____(your name). Amen!”
At the grave to leave a generous left to (a gift from the dead) – a bottle of red wine, chocolate, meat and 13 white coins.

Leave the cemetery. Silent and did not look back. If you look back – will be trouble for you!
A beam of sagebrush or photo (or thing) to store in your house
If love spell make a witch, it gives a beam of sagebrush and a photo to the customer.
This ritual can perform advanced practice, black witches or sorcerers. You need to know ”How to rituals in the cemetery”: how to find the right (active grave, the spirit in which active) as gifts to hold the ”Owners of the cemetery”, how to set up the defense (to the spirit of the dead are not attached to you) and so on.

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