Love Taker


Over the course of three days your targets love for another will fade and fade until it is no more, and then after one or two days their love shall be directed towards you. Best of Luck, Atia~

You will need the following items for this spell:

A picture of target
Deep hatred for the one they love, and love for them.

Casting Instructions for ‘Love Taker’

Close your eyes and say your targets first and last name. Imagine your lips brushing against their neck and kissing their cheek. Taste their soul and let that bring you pleasure. Now build up hatred for the one they love let it fuel this spell. Open your eyes and stare at the picture of your target. Chant three times;

(target’s first name) prohibere amandi (target’s love interest first name).

After chanting that, kiss and lightly lick the picture. Stare at the picture again and chant five times;

Ama me (targets name)

After chanting that finish the spell by saying once:

This is my will, so mote it be.

and bringing your lips close to the picture like you were whispering into their ears and say

Love me (targets full name).

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