Love Potion and Spell


A spell that will entice the correct love .

You will need the following items for this spell:

Two Mandrake roots
Cup Betel nuts
Rose petals from 5 roses
1 tsp Anise oil
1 tsp red pepper
3 tsp Sweet almond oil
3 tsp Honey
Pinch of catnip
2 drops Musk oil
Lock of hair
1 tsp white suger
Red wine
Glass Jar
2 red candles
Hot plate or small flame
Wooden spoon to stir with.

Casting Directions for ‘Love Potion and Spell’

Cut the very tip of the mandrake root to expose the meat. Light the red candles and start the potion by massaging the wine. Boil then cook on low heat. Since the potion brews, stir it 13 times and chant at length:

“With this thought,
with these words,
I call the power of
the universe forth,
Bring the love that
Is ideal for me,
In this time I ask
of thee
Be he kind or be he wise,
Romantic he’ll be
Until the end of our time
One who will adore is now brought by me,
and care for me as a lover should
And it’s time and when we are done
To proceed,
No tears will be shed,
our sadness gone
I now invoke the law of three,
This is my will,
So Mote It Be!”

Permit the potion. Upon the thirteenth minute, put the heat out and allow it to cool. Bottle it and place it. Repeat the candle light everynight, and as you say the chant, shake the jar.
On the moon’s night, set the jar center altar. Call upon the goddess and ask you to be heard by her. Draw her down power and guide it into the jar. See as it’s overfilled with the power of their mother, the potion burst with pink and red light. The ritual is done.
Take the jar and keep it. Every night continue the candlelighting, shaking, until the love you have called comes to you and chanting. It shouldn’t take very long.
Keep in mind this isn’t a spell for a relationship because you can tell by the words. It wil come to an end. You can re-word this, change ingrediants, etc. DO NOT ABUSE IT.

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