Love Slave


Well this charm makes him want you. He’ll do ANYTHING to be with you and do. You’ll be hisher world’s middle.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Love for someone

Casting Directions for ‘Love Slave’

Imagine person. Imagine you being looked at by him, staring at you, mouth open. You are walking through the halls of school behind you smiling, and he’s trailing fight, eyes closed. Imagine him asleep in his room. Smiling calling your name, with longing in his facesleeping he reaches out in front of him. Imagine yourself on a marble throne dressed in suit or a gown. You are shining like the sun and your lover is right besideyou staring at you, he gets on the ground and startes bowing. Next imagine yourself in a backyard with him he smiling kissing you holding you lovingly(or reverse)while still thinking this chant:

Your heart will be and is mine, I am the sunlight that you feel in your skin. The earth that you walk breathe. Like a goddess you worship me. Perfect lovely nice, you are mine you are mine! I am a necessaty a obbsesion, you see. Love me love me. You yearn for me night and day. Up close or far away. Love me, your will is mine. What I ask you have to be done, and you will do it. You are all about me! I am the goddess of your world. The controler of your dreams. Your wish is to love and serve me!

After cast spell get something to drink, break, recharge. Your spell will work . SIDE EFECTS : Sudden tiredness thirstyness self confidence and fantasies of your lover and you.

WARNING: If spell doesnt turn out the way you hoped do not repeat again He might turn into your slave. This will not be my fault. Your on your own.

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