Horoscopes for Friday, February 23, 2018


Is Today Your Birthday?

It may at times seem as if you are being singled out for unfair treatment over the next 12 months but it’s the universe’s way of challenging you to do more and do better. Your potential is unlimited and the more you are pushed the more you will achieve.


A money problem will work itself out over the next few days, so stop worrying yourself sick about it. You should know by now that every challenge brings with it a potential solution, so stay alert and be ready to act the moment you see it.


Some people always seem so negative – it’s part of their nature – but you don’t have to listen to them and you certainly don’t have to do what they tell you. The only advice that matters is what your inner voice tells you – and it’s telling you to smile.


The best way to get over a setback of some sort is to throw yourself into your work and keep your mind occupied. The less you think about what went wrong the less likely it is you will beat yourself up about it. Look to the future.


What you need to realize is that the world does not owe you or anyone else any favors and if you expect it to just hand you what it is you desire you will most likely be disappointed. Your life is in your own hands – do something with it.


No doubt you feel you could take on the world and win but common sense should tell you how unlikely that is. You are at your most vulnerable when you feel so absurdly over-confident, so tone down your expectations while keeping your guard up!


What you see and hear today will inspire you to do some truly remarkable things. Don’t listen to those who urge caution, they don’t possess your levels of energy and enthusiasm, still less your self-belief. You know in your bones it can be done.


Before you start something new, be it a project, a hobby or even a relationship, ask yourself how much it might cost in the long-term. And don’t just think in financial terms. If loved ones don’t agree with your aims there could be an emotional cost too.


Something that looks a bit negative today could turn out to have a highly positive outcome, so give it time to develop and don’t be tempted to pull the plug before you know for sure where it is taking you. You could be headed somewhere good.


You like to bring happiness into other people’s lives but at times you wonder if it’s really worth the effort. If someone you try to help today gives you a hard time it might be best to back off and let them suffer. You can’t help everyone.


For some reason the idea you are trying to convey doesn’t make much sense to those you are talking too. Maybe you are trying too hard. Maybe you should try using smaller words so they can easily understand. Not everyone has your big brain.


Honesty is by far the best policy, so don’t be tempted to say things you know are untrue just to please other people. You may think of it as an act of kindness but in fact you are doing them no favors at all. They need to know the truth.


You much prefer things to stay as they are but with so much cosmic activity taking place right now that isn’t going to happen. Get your mind used to the idea of change, because real changes (good ones) will be taking place in your life very soon.

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