Horoscopes for Thursday, February 22, 2018


Is Today Your Birthday?

It’s not so much what you know as who you know that will bring you success over the coming year. You have friends in high places and must not be afraid to ask them for assistance. They will be happy to help you move up in the world.


Don’t worry if what happens today and tomorrow appears to turn your world upside down because it will right itself again over the weekend. Sometimes you just have to accept that the universe is a pretty crazy place. Accept it and enjoy it.


You must have faith in your ideas and your abilities. What happens over the next few days will encourage you to believe that there are no limits to what you can achieve. You are already moving in the right direction – now you must go all the way.


Don’t be afraid to talk to people in positions of authority today. They may seem a bit aloof at times but if you approach them in the right way – with confidence but without arrogance – chances are they will look on you and your ideas kindly.


Your thoughts create your world and with one of the more imaginative areas of your chart so well starred at the moment you have nothing to lose by letting your insights lead you. So what if your ideas are a bit off the wall? They will work.


Something you have been working on for quite some time would benefit from the input of people whose opinions you can trust. The fact is you are far too close to the situation to see it clearly. Get a second opinion, and maybe even a third.


It’s okay to put your own interests first Cancer. You have spent too much time thinking about what is best for others in recent weeks and not enough time thinking about what is best for you. Please yourself, and you’ll please others too.


You must let partners and loved ones make more of their own decisions. They may not be as good as the decisions you would have made but it’s a tough world out there and sooner or later they have to learn from their own mistakes.


You will get more out of being sociable over the next 24 hours than by sitting at home enjoying your own company. Get out into the world and put on a show, the kind that gets people talking. Everything they say about you will be flattering.


If you want something enough Libra you can find ways to make it happen. But do you want it enough? The planets suggest that at least one of your aims is something you have agreed to pursue to please other people. Maybe it’s time you dropped it.


The planets indicate there will be more than enough good things to go around for everyone today, so don’t waste time trying to limit what your rivals gain because you will gain even more. There need be no losers today. It’s win-win all the way.


There is so much activity taking place in your world at the moment that it may be getting a bit too much. No one enjoys a party as much as Sag but sometimes you need to back off and find your center again. Make that your aim today.


The pace of life is picking up and in a matter of days it will be moving so fast that it makes your head spin. You have so much to do but only a limited amount of time in which to do it, so get organized and get ready for action.

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