A Spell for People Seeking Forgiveness


This particular rite is great for times when we seek to ask for or grant others forgiveness, particularly when the constellation of Pisces reigns while the moon is waxing or at her high peak. If it can be done on a Wednesday as well, that’s perfect.

A purple or violet colored altar cloth will also strengthen the spell.

You will need:

An Apache teardrop crystal
A bowl filled with daffodils
A piece of angelica
A piece of writing paper
A pen
An object made of platinum or silver
A single white altar candle
A single violet taper candle
A small twig of ash
A dish that is fireproof

First, light the white candle, then focus on the flame, requesting to your deity or deities that one will be granted forgiveness and the capacity to forgive others.

Write on the writing paper which transgression you need to be forgiven or what transgression you need to forgive another for.

From there, light the violent candle and then use the flame of the violet candle to set the paper on fire.

While it’s burning, drop the paper into the fireproof dish and stand in front of the altar while saying:

To the power, I believe I now pray,
That hurts to me are now forgive.
‘Sorry’ is the word I’ll say.
Peace be restored and peace be risen.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Focus on the flickering flame until it has finally burned out, and then you will know you have truly forgiven any transgression against you and that as what goes out comes back, you have been forgiven as well.

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