A Spell to Encourage Self-Esteem


Are you lacking that fortunate talent to make friends easily?

If you attend a party, do you tend to stand around as a wallflower while everybody else seems to be having a good time as laughter fills the room?

Or is your career stuck in a rut that runs even deeper than a jumbo jet’s tire markings on a runway drenched in mud?

If you said “That’s me!” to any of these suggestions, your problem may be a matter of lacking self-esteem.

The following may well help you with that problem.

You will need:

A bath
Essential oil both of lavender and jasmine
A burner for the oil
Green oak leaves, seven of them
A purple colored candle
A yellow colored candle
Purple thread
An envelope

Light up the candles, then run a warm (but not a hot) bath and drizzle some of the lavender essential oil into the water. Float the green oak leaves into the bath and climb in.

Close your mouth and breathe in through your nose exclusively for a count of seven.

Breathe out through your mouth for a count of seven, then another count of seven.

Once you are totally relaxed and comfortable with yourself, envision a golden light floating above you.

Watch it steadily increase in size before it sinks down and envelops you in its warm glow.

From there, say the words that follow or ones suggested by them:

I have a contribution to make.
I have words to say.
Let others hear the words I speak.
And take self-doubt away.
And let it be done, that it harm none.

Repeat the incantation six more times after that and as soon as you feel prepared, leave the bath and snuff on the candles with the usual method.

Pull the thread through the leaves, and then offer them up to the light.

After that, fold the leaves into the envelope and place them in your wallet or handbag.

After a bad day, the first thing the following morning, heat up the jasmine oil in the burner, relight the candles and hold the leaves near but not into the flames, repeating the incantation seven times in all to face the new day with confidence and self-esteem.

Once the leaves die, you should repeat the original spell, until eventually, you have enough self-confidence that you no longer need sorcery to have it.

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