A Spell For Asking The Leaves


This is really more a ritual than it is a spell. However, it does have a long history. Trees have been a significant aspect of magic making most likely since before the time of the Druids. If you live close to a pine forest that is best. However, you can use any wood. Avoid doing this ritual on a day that is very windy, since there will probably too many leaves trying to vie for your attention.

You are going to need the following:

A burin or bolline
A fallen twig

As you are headed towards the wood, have a question form in your mind that you want to have an answer to. Look for a fallen twig and then carve the initial letters fro each word in your question onto it. Hold it in the direction of the sun and then ask your question out loud. Listen to the breeze that is rustling through the leaves. Allow the sound to form a picture inside of your mind. Don’t try to force anything, or imagine things you don’t hear. In a couple of minutes, you should sense the leaves have say everything they had to say. Bury your twig so it is returned to Mother Earth. Then as you are walking away, you should have an answer to the question you asked come into your mind.

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