A Spell Cat Lovers Can Use


For people who consider it to be a sign of good luck headed their way when a black cat crosses their path, they should find that the following spell works quite well for them.

You are going to need the following:

A burin or bolline
Blue taper candle
Wihte altar candle
Amber or citrine crystals
An ornament or picture of a black cat
Mixing bottle
Three drops sandalwood essential oil
Two teaspoons carrier oil

Place the carrier oil inside of your mixing bottle and also add in the sandalwood oil. Roll the bottle in between your palms, with your hands in the prayer position. Visualize that good luck is mixing with the blend.

After you think the oil is completely charge with good luck, place the bottle on top of you altar. Breath deeply in out and out for a few minutes. As you are inhaling, watch white light entering your body and enshrouding all of your negative energy. See the energy leaving your body we you exhale.

After you feel completely relaxed, light your white candle. Focus on the flame of the candle, and see yourself the way you will be after good luck has come to you. Write your birth number on top of your blue candle before you put it back into the holder. Rub some charge oil on your palms. See the energy that you have charged by warming it. Take out the blue candle and hold it in front of you horizontally. Anoint your candle with oil, and draw the oil from out of the center and towards you. Turn it round and then continue in the same manner. Focus on your wishes coming true. Hold your candle up in the air above the picture of the black cat. Roll the candle forwards and backwards between your palms. As you are doing this, repeat the following:

The power of a candle and a lucky cat,
Please let my luck change, so hat
I can accomplish my heart’s desire,
Powered by the magic fire.
Let this be done, and that it harm no one.

Let your candle burn down or use a candle snuffer to extinguish it or your thumb and finger. Use a tissue to clean your hands. Close out your ritual the way you normally do.


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