A Spell For Countering Another Person’s Magic


If you have some reason to think that another individual is using their powers to affect you adversely in some way, then use this simple spell to eliminate their negative influences.

You will need the following:

Fireproof bowl
Purple taper candle
White altar candle
Black ink pen
Sheet of white paper
Mixing bottle
Rosemary essential oil
Two teaspoons almond oil (or another appropriate carrier oil)

Add three drops of some rosemary essential oil into your carrier oil. To charge it, roll the mixing bottle into between your palms, while your thoughts are focused on the purpose of the spell you are weaving. Light your white candle, and focus on its flame, to see whatever person you believe is acting negative towards you and see them growing smaller and smaller.

Use the charged oil to anoint your purpose candle. Draw away the oil from you while you are banishing the thing that has been directed at you. Before you light the candle, write “all blocks are gone” on your piece of paper. Then fold up the paper three times. Light your candle and use the flame to set the paper on fire. Focus on the flames, and say the following words three times, and then on the final time say “let it all be done, and that it harms no one.”

As this paper is burning away,
Please elements hear me pray.
Turn away the ill will that has been sent to me,
Send it away.

Then as the flames grow dim, you will see the ill will dissolve with them. You can then end the session in the regular way.

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