A Spell For Saying Thank You


It is best to cast a spell that expresses gratitude on a Monday when the moon is full or waxing during Pisces. Wear white clothes to reinforce the thanks that you are offering. Even if the spell is cast without any apparent effect, casting these types of spells is still the right thing to do, since you always need to remember that it takes time for magic to work.

You are going to need the following:

An opal or crystal of snow quartz
Dish of coins
Bowl of fruit
White flower nosegay
Silver taper candle
White altar candle
Any silver items

Light your white candle. Meditate on it while it is burning. Give silent thanks for all of the gifts that you have been given. Then light your silver candle, stand up to your complete height, and bring your hands over your head high and say the following:

By the light of this sacred flame,
I think you for all of the magic that is cast in your name.
Let this be done, and let it harm no one.

Watch your candle flame, with thanks inside of your heart, until the flame flickers and then dies. Close out your ritual like your normally would do and then leave the sacred space.

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