A Spell Asking For Kindness


Most of the things that are associated with bees such as – their royal jelly, pollen, honey and wax – are believed to have magical powers and may be used for delivering a magical message. The roots of this spell are in voodoo. Honey is used to encourage a person to treat you with kindness. You should do the spell on either a full or waxing moon.

You will need the following:

Pink candle (represents friendship and affection)
Runny honey
A clean, small jar with lid (old baby food jar is perfect)
A pen
Small strip of paper

Write the name of the individual for whom you are directing your spell to on your sheet of paper and place it inside the jar. Drizzle honey inside of the jar using a honey dripper (if you try pouring it inside, then the honey tends to go everywhere except the place that you want it to go). While the jar is filling up, visualize the other individual treating you with kindness the way you would like her or him to be. Once the jar is full, place the lid on it and then seal it using molten wax from your pink candle.

Your jar should be kept on top of your altar or another place where no one else will touch it. The spell’s energy gets recharged each day by placing the jar in a sunny area. Bury the jar after six months and then recast your spell if needed. However, by that time, the other individual should already treating you kindly. (If you would like people in general to be kind to you, just write “All Mankind” on your sheet of paper, before placing it inside of the jar.)

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