A Spell Asking For Prosperity


The mystical power in the number ‘9’ is invoked by this spell to ask for a future that is prosperous.

You are going to need the following:

A burin or bolline
Gold taper candle
White altar candle
An item of silver or gold
A piece of jewelry
Any crystal with the reputation of trying to bring wealth, like tiger’s eye or ruby
A precious ornament of yours
Small bottle
Rose essential oil
Two teaspoons carrier oil

Pour carrier oil inside your bottle. Then add in three drops worth of rose essential oil. Hold the bottle in between your palms, rolling it forwards and backwards until the oils are mixed well together. As you are doing that, visualize the oil as being blessed with good fortune.

Take the gold candle and carve a number ‘9’ in it and then put the candle back in its holder. Take the oil and pour some in your hands and then rub them together so they start feeling warm. While you are rubbing, think of yourself as charging your hands with the oil’s energy. Take the oil and anoint the inscribed candle with it. Draw in from the center and back towards you. Once again, visualize that you are empowering your candle with the power of drawing prosperity towards you. Roll your candle in between your hands for a few minutes, and return it to its holder and light it. Keep your attention focused on the flame and say the following:

As flowers boom in the spring,
Elements and Gods to me wealth bring,
With your powers, banish all strife,
Bring enrichment into my life.
Let this be done, and let it harm no one.

After the candle has burned down, or you extinguish it due to not having a lot of time, end the ritual in your usual way.

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