The Career Motivational Spell


This spell is designed to light a fire under your career’s posterior, thus getting it to start moving. Nothing motivates like a fire under your butt!

Here’s what you’ll need:

2 x tsp almond oil
1 part neroli essential oil (you shouldn’t need much)
1 x mixing bottle
A small amount of agar (it comes from algae and is used in ways similar to gelatin, so it’s a vegan animal sacrifice)
Any suitable essential oil (mostly to cover up the smell of burning agar, so try not to get something too cloying)
1 x small sunstone
1 x white candle
1 x gold candle (some people will say candle type is important, go with what feels right to you)
A herb cutting knife

The first step is to take three drops of the neroli oil, and then drop it into the almond oil. Begin to rub the oil on your hands, focusing your thoughts on gratitude and empowerment. When you feel calm and focused, light the white candle. Sit and meditate, focusing on job opportunities and things you would like for your life.

At that point, inscribe the golden candle with the number 7.

Yes, the 7 is important due to ancient mystical rituals, but if you feel a strong sense of focus towards a particular number or symbol, by all means, use that. Magic is more about the personal journey than rote performance, after all.

Light the candle, and then stand in front of the altar. What’s important here is stating aloud your intentions and desires. There will be a small set of words you can say, but as in all magic, it’s more about the personal journey than rote performance.

Career opportunities, do come my way
Set them before me on this very day.
Spirits, change my life, make it better
bring what I ask, a true begetter.

Once you’ve stated your intentions and desires, simply sit back and allow the candles to burn down. As they burn, your intentions are brought into the air on sweet smells, while the waste that was carved into the wax is burnt away.

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