Garnering Affection: A Spell


This spell does not work immediately. However, if there is no change after fourteen days, you may be best looking elsewhere for affection.

The ingredients you need for this spell are: an onion, a flowerpot (one that has never been used), potting compost, a burin or bolline, essential oil with the fragrance of jasmine and a bit of time.

Take the bolline or burin and use it to carve the name of the person you are interested in near the bottom of the onion. Put all of your concentration on the flowerpot and then chant the following words:

Plant grow roots and develop shoots.
Shoots develop into leaves.
May a flower bloom.
As the flower grows,
may (person’s name) love for me take root,
bloom and flower.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

That is the end of the spell. Take the flower pot, making sure it is “looking” toward the area where the person resides. Say the magic words every day until the flower blooms. If the person you are interested in does not show you any affection once this time period has passed, move on.

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