A Spell For Helping To Conquer Dependence


Today’s world is very stressful, and fortunately many people turn to alcohol or some other crutch to help them cope with all of the pressures of modern life. Needless to say, willpower is the key to allowing us to reduce our reliance on these things. However, willpower needs a bit of extra help at times. The spell might be just what people need who know that they have a problem with abusing alcohol. Recovering alcoholics should never cast this spell if one sip of alcohol could potentially reverse the progress that they have made already. The spell may also be cast to assist others with overcoming their dependence. The spell should be cast outdoors in a sheltered area where candles can burn without any danger of being blow out by the breeze.

You are going to need the following:

Glass of wine
Red taper candle
Purple taper candle
Orange taper candle
Crystal of amethyst

Place a candle at each of the points of an imaginary triangle that is big enough that you can sit inside of it. Sit cross-legged and face the orange candle, with the red one to your left and behind you, and the purple one to your right and behind you. Place the wine in between the orange candle and wine, with the crystal next to it. Before lighting the candles, first take several deep breaths through your nose,and then hold to a count of seven before you breath out of your mouth. As you are inhaling and exhaling, visualize the crystal getting empowered from your will power. Once you are ready, light your candles, and then pick up and crystal and hold it tightly, while saying the following:

Please restore my balance, orange candle.
Please restore my sense of inner harmony, purple candle.
Please restore all of my courage, red candle.
That I may live free of dependence
Crystal I need to have you power.
Grant it so it can around me shower.
Let this be done, and may it harm no one.

Speak those words, or similar ones, put the crystal back on the ground and then pick your wine glass up. Take a sip of wind and then say the following:

Powers that be, please help me to see,
I don’t need alcohol in order to be me.
Let this be done, and let it harm no one.

If you prefer to not swallow the wine, you can spit it into your wine glass, before you pour the contents around the outer part of the circle, and say the following:

What has come from the earth, I will now return,
Its power over me can no longer burn.
Let this be done, and let it harm no one.

Pick the crystal up and say:

Please be with me each hour,
Protect me from alcohol’s power.
Let this be done, and let it harm no one.

Keep your crystal inside of your handbag or pocket and anytime you feel tempted to have a drink, excuse yourself, and go into the restroom and take out your crystal and say the last invocation.

You can cast this spell to help you with overcoming other types of addictions by substituting a cigarette or something else for the wine.

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