Responding to Romantic Gestures: A Spell


If you would like to date someone, but they simply don’t seem interested, this spell could help you attract their attention. It doesn’t invoke love, but it will peak their interest. It is best to cast the spell on a Friday.

First, gather a few ingredients. You must have: a wine glass, a gold ring (nothing ornate), red ribbon (80 cm), a rose quartz crystal, red flowers, and a photo of the individual that you like.

Place the wine glass on the altar. Slip the ring onto the ribbon and hold either end, placing the ribbon between your pointer finger and thumb. The ring should be within the rim of the wine glass, but it should not touch any part of it.

State your name and the other person’s name. Wait a second and then state the names again. Repeat this process one more time. Look at the person’s photograph. If there is not one available, picture the person’s face in your mind. Spell out their name. With each letter, the ring should gently sway into the glass.

Turn the ribbon into a necklace and wear it. The ribbon should be aligned with your heart. Keep the necklace on for 21 days. Every Friday during that time, you should do the spell again.

If you do not notice any difference in the person’s level of affection after the 21 day time period, it is a good idea to move on because this simply may not happen for you.

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