Put Romantic Problems In The Past With This Spell


There are lots of different relationship problems waiting out there for you. Maybe you’ve been through a tough break-up. Maybe you’ve just discovered you have a crush on someone who doesn’t feel the same way you do. Wicca has a spell that can help you get over your romantic troubles and move on with your love life. For best effects, this spell should be used when the moon is waning.

* One Ginger Root
* One Black Cord
* One Black Cloth
* A Picture of Your Former Loved One (In a pinch, you can use a cardboard silhouette with the person’s name written on it)

First, cast your circle and call upon whatever spirits, angels, or deities you feel comfortable asking for aid. Begin with a few minutes of silent meditation.[fsbProduct asin=’1519755597′ size=’300′ align=’right’]

Hold the ginger root tightly and focus your thoughts on how you feel about the person. Open yourself to anger, loss, or sadness – every feeling you might have is valid. Don’t be afraid of intense feelings here; the more fully you explore them the easier they will be to release. Project the emotions you’re experiencing into the ginger root. Express yourself in whatever way feels appropriate. Crying, shouting, and screaming are all perfectly normal. Keep concentrating on the feelings until they ebb away naturally. There’s no fixed time limit; you may be finished within fifteen minutes or you may be going strong for more than an hour. It’s important to make sure you get all the way through your natural feelings, so don’t rush this process of expression.

Bind the root into the black cloth together with the picture once you’re done. Tie the package up with the black cord using three knots. Repeat the following:

Now my heart is strong and free,
Now my soul is unbound,
I will wait for you no longer,
As these feelings are bound up, so let it be.

Bury the root and picture in the earth. The natural process of decomposition will carry away the last traces of the emotional connection you feel to the person. Your feelings of loss and attachment will fade away by the time the root is gone.

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