A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing The Best Wiccan Names


This article will provide some top tips and guidance on how to choose the best Wiccan names.

When joining a Wiccan coven, the members are typically asked to select a new name. The selection and acceptance of a new name represents entering a new life of Wiccan. It is a symbol of being born into a new religion and assists the individual in separating his/her old self from the new self. While a seemingly simple task, the choosing of a new name in Wicca can be quite a complicated task. Due to the importance placed on this activity, it is vital that one place a great deal of thought and effort into choosing the most suitable name.

1. Use A Baby Names Book

Oddly enough, the use of a baby names book can make choosing Wiccan names far simpler. This resource is relatively easy to find and can be located at a public library or book shop. The baby names book is filled with thousands of names and their meanings making you aware of the definitions behind each name. This is helpful when looking for Wiccan names as the meaning is as important as the name itself. A Wiccan name should use the characteristic you wish to embody and choosing a name with a shared meaning is useful.

2. Using Historic Names

[fsbProduct asin=’0738723681′ size=’300′ align=’right’] As with the baby names book, books about witchcraft or the history of witchcraft can be highly beneficial in choosing your new Wicca name. The historic names are useful as they are related to Wicca and have strong meaning in the faith already. Of course, you do not have to use the exact spelling; however, if there is a past witch you admire it may be worthwhile examining their name or a derivative of the name for yourself.

3. Using Numerology

All names can be deconstructed to a single number and each number has a specific meaning. If you are an individual looking for Wiccan name with some uniqueness, then it may be worthwhile examining this element of the Wicca names area. Doing some research online will provide you with a listing of the values of all digits and you may be able to choose a single digit value reflecting your personality. It is important, however, to find a digit value that is in line with the characteristics you wish to embody in the new Wicca faith.

4. Using Earthly Words

Due to the Wicca faith being centered on the energy found in Nature, it is common practice for individuals to use earthly words for their names. If you find this aspect of earthliness appealing, it may be worthwhile examining various aspects of nature and using them or derivatives of the word as your new Wicca name. Some examples include names of trees and shrubs or names of animals. Of course, once again, it is important for the name to represent the characteristics you wish to embody in your new Wicca life.

5. Using Elders

If you are having great difficulty in choosing a Wiccan name, it may be beneficial to speak to the elders of your coven. In many cases, these wise ones are able to assist in choosing Wiccan names by giving an alternate perspective.

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