Spell To Have Love Returned


Horseshoes have long been used to bring luck to a house by hanging them over doorways when they were easy to access. If you do not have access to a horseshoe, you can use a cardboard or paper cutout or use a miniature one from a good luck charm or cake. The spell you will be casting will have the love you hold for someone returned. This spell must be cast in a Friday during the waning moon.

What You Need

You will need a pink candle to represent the female, a blue candle to represent the male and a gold candle. You also need to have a horseshoe and a key. 2 roses preferably red will also be required along with an article of the person’s clothing, a large bowl and some potpourri.

Casting The Spell

If you are female, you will need to light the pink candle first and then the blue, but if you are male you should do this the other way around. Once these candles have been lit, you should light the gold one and place it between the other 2 candles. The rose should then be placed alongside the 2 outer candles and the horseshoe must be placed at the far side of one of the roses and the key on the opposite far side.

As the candles burn, you need to focus on your heart’s desire until the flames start to flicker and die. If you have to bring the spell to an end, you will need to extinguish the flames in the usual manner.

Once the flames are out, you need to wrap the horseshoe and key in the item of clothing and put it into a drawer. This should be left for 2 weeks or until the roses lose their bloom. You must not throw away the roses and you need to use the petals to fill a bowl. The horseshoe and key should also be placed in the bowl then covered in potpourri and put on the windowsill closest to where the person lives.

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