A Colorful Love Spell That Takes One Week To Cast


This powerful love spell is used to attract romance. It uses the power of all seven colors of the rainbow and casts the spell over a period of seven days so that each of the major planets, as well as the sun and moon, provide strength to the spell. The spell is one of the more powerful options in the grimoire and it is important that you plan the casting in advance to ensure success.

When casting this love spell, it is recommended that you begin on a Monday allowing the last of the magic to be performed on the night when the moon is at its fullest. Select one time of day when you are certain that you have time to work the spell using all seven nights one after another.

To perform this love spell you will require the following:

One violet candle,
One indigo candle,
One blue candle,
One green candle,
One yellow candle,
One red candle,
One orange candle,
Seven candle holders

The candle holders used in this love spell do not need to match the color of the candle; they can be a neutral color or clear. The candles, however, need to be lit during the first half of the week and must burn for slightly over an hour. When casting the love spell, arrange the different candles in the holders on an altar moving from violet on the left to red on the right. The other candles must be placed between these according to their position in the rainbow.

As you light the candles each night, visualize the feeling of love moving towards you and see the color lending you its strength. Repeat the visualization after the candles are lit. On a Monday that is the day of the moon, light the violet candle and state the words:

“Through the violet haze, my love I call.
When moonlight rays upon him fall.
And the moon’s power help him see, our love is seen and meant to be.
Let it be done that it harm no-one.”

After stating the words, keep the candle alight for ten minutes before extinguishing it.

On Tuesday, light the indigo candle after visualizing the movement of love into your life as was seen the previous night. As you light the indigo candle, you must state the following words:

“Indigo, shade of twilight deep.
May my lover enjoy deep sleep.
Mars in his dreams, please let him see, that he and I will soon be we.
Let it be done that it harm no-one.”

Once you have focused on the candle flame for a short moment, again visualizing your desired love, light the violet candle and have both candles burning for ten minutes before putting them out.

On Wednesday, the day associated with the planet Mercury, you must repeat the ritual lighting the blue candle and stating the following:

“Candle blue, please tell my love that we go together hand in glove.
Mercury, take a message clear to my true love though far or near.
Let it be done that it harm no-one.”

On Thursday, call on the planet Jupiter to bless the spell and light the green candle stating the following:

“Candle green, please burn strong and tell my love it won’t be long.
Until Jupiter says we will be together.
Not for now, but together forever.
Let it be done that it harm no-one.”

On Friday you must call upon the planet Venus when lighting the yellow candle. Venues is the planet most associated with romance and these words must be stated when casting the spell:

“Make my lover hear my name.
Venues, lend me your power and on us may the blessings shower.
Let it be done that it harm no-one.”

Saturday requires you to call on the planet Saturn and light the orange candle speaking these words:

“Candle orange, light the way.
Make my lover hear me say that Saturn smiles from up high and by my side my live will lie.
Let it be done that it harm no-one.”

On Sunday, when the moon is at its fullest, it is time to light the red candle. This is the final candle and is one that calls upon the power of the sun to bless your passionate love. When lighting the candle, cast the spell by saying the following:

“Candle red and sun above.
Kindle passion in my love.
Let him know not any fear.
The time is right and the day is here.
Let it be done that it harm no-one.”

Once you have focused on the flame of the red candle, it is necessary to spend a final ten minutes visualizing the full spectrum of burning colored candles. Before extinguishing each of the candles, moving from the first violet candle to the final red candle, thank the associated planet when working with the candle. Once the red candle has been extinguished, know that you will be able to face the future with the knowledge that love will be entering your life soon.

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