A Simple Spell of Unspoken Love


There are many people who have found that this spell has a very high success rate despite the simplicity. This spell will help you have the unspoken love that you have for someone else acknowledged by the person. It is also possible to cast this spell when you do not have a specific individual in mind.

What You Need

You will need to have 2 leaves that you can draw on.
You will also need green thread and a needle.
The last items will be 7 pennies.

Casting The Spell

To cast the spell, you will need to draw a picture of yourself on one of the leaves and a picture of the person you want to return your love on the other. If you do not have anyone in mind, you should draw an image of what you would like the person to look like and list any characteristics they should have. You need to then sew the 2 leaves together with the green thread and knot off the thread tightly.

You should then take the leaves to one of your favorite trees which has a natural crevice and hide them in there. You need to ensure that the leaves will not be blown away by gently pushing them into the crevice. While you do this you need to say:

Earth, Water, Air and Fire,
Bring me [person’s name]’s true love as I desire,
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

You should now bury the 7 pennies around the base of the tree. You can now trust the natural elements to make your magic work.

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