How To Make A Book Of Shadows That You Will Use Forever


If you are a practicing Wiccan, or if you practice magic on your own, you will likely need to know how to make a book of shadows. This is also known as your spell book. These have been used for decades by those that practice neopaganism. One of the most well-known book of shadows was made by the Wiccan Gerald Gardner, the father of Wicca, produced back in the early 1950s. It provided an outline for all of the subsequent book of shadows that were ever created. Let’s go over what a book of shadows is, its origins, and how you can make a book of shadows of your very own.

The Origins Of A Book Of Shadows

As mentioned above, Gerald Gardner introduced his own Book of Shadows to educate the people that were part of his Bricket Wood coven. He stated that within this book were all of his personal spells, a literal cookbook of spells that people could cast in order to achieve results. Although Gardner stated that it would be apropos for a practicing witch to burn the book upon their death so people would not know that they were a practicing witch, things have changed over the years. Today, more people than ever before are interested in how to make a book of shadows of their very own so that they can begin casting spells that can help them improve their lives.

Why Creating A Book Of Shadows Has Become Popular In Modern Times

Charmed Book of Shadows with Alyssa MilanoAlthough there were numerous books and movies on this topic, it was a television fantasy by the name of Charmed that really brought this into the mainstream. Subsequent shows and movies, including The Craft and The Blair Which Project, made this even more popular. However, what you see in the movies is very different from what an actual book of shadows is. It is representative of your thoughts, emotions and perspectives that you are placing into the spells that you personally create.

What Is In A Book Of Shadows?

A book of shadows is very similar to a journal in that it is written by the owner of this book. However, that is where the similarity ends. It is representative of the visualizations of a person that is creating spells that they cast, words that can connect them with earth magic and their own desires. The purpose of the spells can be anything from changing someone’s mind to making them fall in love with you. Other spells are about personal gain. They are designed to improve the life of a person, but they can also be dark, seeking some type of retribution upon people they deemed to be their enemies. Essentially, they are words that are written, sometimes in a rhythmical format, that are reflective of the thoughts and feelings of the person creating the spell. The power of that spell is evoked through the emotions of that person, and how strongly they are able to visualize the outcome of that spell. What you will find in a book of shadows that someone creates are not only spells, but rituals that need to be performed. There will also be meditations that you can focus upon in order to help manifest what you desire. Some of the more powerful spells rhyme, and there is often a repetitive nature to casting the spell itself. Repetition is often used in spells as this will give them more power. The spells that you will find in one book of shadows are going to be very different from any others that you will read. However, they will have the same general context which is a series of spells that are designed to bring about a significant change in a person’s life. Let’s now look at how you can actually make a book of shadows.

How To Make A Book Of Shadows

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The very first thing that you must do is decide on how you are going to keep your book of shadows. For decades, people would have what would amount to be a journal, a large book with many blank pages where they would begin to document the spells that they would cast. However, at the beginning of every book of shadows should be a statement of your beliefs. These are the things that you believe to be true, and are representative of the person that you are. This could be the morals that you have, and the way that you wish to live your life. This would be followed by the goals that you would like to achieve. The spells that you will write and subsequently cast are going to help you achieve these goals. Finally, you will have a way of accounting for when you wrote the spells, when you cast the spells, and what type of results you are able to achieve. By doing so, you can see which ones were the most successful, and which ones actually need to be rewritten in order to work. You can also have notes at the bottom of each one explaining what you think you did right or wrong. Every one of the spells that you write should be done in a specific way so as to ensure they will have the most power. Let’s look at a few ways that you can write your spells so they will have the best possible chance of helping you manifest what you want to appear in your life.

How To Write Your Spells For Your Book Of Shadows

Every spell that you write needs to begin with some type of visualization. You need to see the spell from the end. This simply means that you need to think about what it is you want to achieve with the spell, and actually see it occurring in your mind. Once you see this, you need to take the next step which is feeling the emotions that you will have once this goal has been achieved. It will be as if what you want to manifest is already there. This takes concentrated focus, so as you are writing these, it is best to be in an area where it is quiet at a time where you will not be disturbed. Once you can see and feel this final result of the spell, it’s time to write the spell itself. Some people begin by writing out what it is they want to achieve, and then they will begin to create the spell, writing out several sentences. This could be the first words that come to you as you are doing the visualization, and it does help to make everything rhyme. This is because, as you are going throughout your day, you can have the spell running in the back of your mind. Although it is best to cast your spells in front of a candle so that you can focus all of your attention and energy on manifesting what the spell will help you achieve, it’s good to have this rhyme running in your mind as much as you can as this will help with the manifestation process. It is important to only work on one spell at a time. You should designate one specific time of the day, or in the evening, where you will concoct a new spell for your book of shadows. The reason is that your full attention needs to be on the spell which essentially becomes the seed that you will plant in reality. You nurture that spell by focusing on it every day, and if it is in the format of a rhyme, this will be running in both your subconscious and conscious mind. This gives it power, and the more that you do this with each spell that you create, you should start to see what you visualize begin to manifest.

Organizing Your Book Of Shadows

Organizing spells in a book of shadowsThe way that you organize your book of shadows will depend upon what you want to achieve, and also what makes you feel the most comfortable. Some people referred to this as a table of contents where they actually have specific sections of their book of shadows were certain types of spells are written. For example, you could have a specific section of things that you would like to have show up in your life, or possessions you would like to own. Another section could be devoted to relationships, ones that you would like to personally have, and spells that you will cast for people that are friends that need a little bit of help. Other sections may include spells designated for improving your family situation, your career, or your personal health. In a way, this is very similar to how a person setting personal goals which organize the goals that they would like to achieve. The primary difference between those that set goals and people that cast spells is that those that practice magic understand that they can connect with earth energy and harness that to empower the spells that they are casting. They also understand that by using certain tools in Wicca and other pagan religions such as candles or effigies, they can make their spells manifest so much faster. Once you have written out a table of contents that helps you organize where all of your spells are located, you can easily turn to those pages and begin to cast your spells at your designated time for spellcasting.

Other Things To Include In A Book Of Shadows

If you are making an authentic book of shadows, you will want to include some of the things that are related to the Wiccan religion. Since the book of shadows originates from a Wiccan, this might be the particular religion or philosophy that you are following. First of all, you should add the laws of your coven or the traditions that you follow. Since magic has no rules of its own, they are usually governed by the particular coven that you are part of. If you are not part of the coven, this would simply be the rules that you believe you should follow in order to live a balanced life. Second, you should have a dedication in your book of shadows. For example, if you were initiated into a coven, you may want to dedicate yourself to the God or Goddess, something that many Wiccans do. If you follow this particular religion, it is likely that you are dedicating yourself to the Goddess and this is what you will write in this section. Third, you need to list the God or Goddess that you are following. If it is generic, then you can simply list the word God or Goddess, or if you are following multiple deities, you can list them by name. You can also list any spiritual path that you are following. Fourth, it is very important to have what are called correspondence tables. Wiccans and those that practice magic understand that there is a significant amount of power added to your spells by following the phases of the moon. It’s also a good idea to list the specific herbs, crystals, stones, and colors that are related to the spells that you are going to cast. By doing so, if you ever have any question as to what you need during a specific type of spell, you can simply reference this part of your book of shadows. You should also list what type of effects or powers that each of these things will have. Fifth, you need to list special days that you need to commemorate or remember. Some people write down Sabbats or Esbats which are very important if you are using the power of the moon. Sixth, you should incorporate divination into your practice of magic. This could include astrology, scrying or using tarot cards. You should list these in this section as this information can also help you improve upon the amount of power you will have access to when you are casting your spells. Finally, you may want to have a specific section in your book that is dedicated to just spells. Many that practice magic will place their spells in a separate book called a grimoire. This is an optional activity that you can do, especially if you start to run out of room in your book of shadows as you write spells over the years. However, for now, simply organize your book of shadows to list your spells in the second half of the book, giving you plenty of room to write your spells as you go along.

Now that you know how to make a book of shadows, you should purchase a special book blank pages where you can begin to create your spells. Be sure to create a table of contents so that you can quickly turn to each part of this book. As long as you are creating your spells in a quiet place, during times of power, your focus will help you harness a substantial amount of energy that can make your spells very powerful. The more organized you are as a practitioner of magic, the more successful you will be in not only creating spells but using them to change not only your reality, but the reality of others for whom you will cast spells for. By following these simple steps, you will be on your way to coming a very successful practitioner of magic because you will be creating a book of shadows that will make you very powerful.

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