Bringing Forth Passion: A Spell


If you feel that your love is not as intense as it once was, and you want to bring back those feelings, this spell should assist you in achieving your goals. In the best case scenario, you need to have a fire in your spell area. However, if this can’t be done, prepare some coal. Once the circle is open, walk away and bring the coal and some leaves to the fireplace. It is always possible to use your barbecue as well.

Gather together: laurel leaves, materials for a fire.

Looking at the embers, bring forth an image of the person you care for in your mind. Toss a few leaves onto the fire after a minute or so.

As the fire burns, you need to say a few important words. “Warm the heart of my true love’s desire.”

After the leaves are gone, do this two more times. The last time, you also need to say, “Let it be done, that it harm no one” at the conclusion of the spell.

If you were able to conduct a fire in the sacred space, end just like you normally would. However, if you had to go elsewhere to conduct the spell, you need to go back to your sacred space the same way that you left it. Once you have returned, you can finish as normal.

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