A Prosperity Spell That’s Worth the Wait


This particular spell takes time to work its magic. The exact phase of the moon is vital.

The first step needs to be done during a waning moon phase and finish before the night the new moon appears. You are using the power of the dark moon to banish and purge the problems that are holding you back from getting the job you want.

The second part of the spell is aimed at a new beginning should be started on the first night of the new moon. Theoretically it can be cast at any time of day, but it is most effect when done at 9 PM in the evening or at midnight.

It is a potent spell and definitely worth the wait.

You will need:

One large black candle
A banishing essential oil, most typically yarrow, or another banishing essential oil from a specialty shop
A bolline or burin
Two pieces of parchment
An ink pen
A green candle
Bergamot or any other essential oil that draws money or success
A yellow candle (or any candle in a color associated with one of your most loved deities)

Inscribe the things that are holding you back, such as your nerves, your lack of experience, anything, and write those same things on one of the pieces of parchment. From there, the candle should be dressed in banishing oil and lit up every night for nine nights, timing it so that by the ninth night, the candle will be burned out. Focus on the flame, visualizing and focusing on the things you are certain are holding you back disappearing.

On the ninth night, burn the parchment you wrote your obstacles on and when the ashes have cooled down, take them outdoors and scatter them to the wind watching the last shackles on your ambition drift away.

Now you need to focus on the job you want and an idea of what you need it to yield for you. Inscribe these on the green candle and write them on the second piece of parchment, after which you should anoint the candle with a drawing oil.

Over the course of four nights, light the candle at the same time all four nights and gaze into the flames the things you want to come your way and how peaceful and prosperous your life will be when you achieve them. On the fourth night, burn the second piece of parchment and extinguish the candle via a snuffer or between your finger and thumb.

Put the candle’s stub and the ashes of the parchment into a box and place it in a safe location. If any appropriate words come to mind at any point during the ritual, speak them and don’t be inhibited to not say them.

The night immediately after the green candle is extinguished, light up the third candle to give thanks to your favored deities as a gesture of gratitude for their assistance with your sorcery, following up with the words “And let it be done, that it harm no one.”

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