A Kite Spell For Good Health


Kites have been used for thousands of years by people in the Far East to carry messages to the gods. You might as well follow their example. You can make a kite easily if you don’t want to have to buy one. It is best to cast this spell on a day that is breezy.

You are going to need:

A kite (it is best to have one with string that isn’t too strong)
Appropriately colored ribbons
A pen (better to choose the appropriately colored one for the specific illness)
Scraps of paper

Tie your ribbons to the kite and then write your wish down on your scraps of paper for improved health or to recover from a specific condition or disease.

Tie the scraps of paper to the tail of your kite and say the following:

Knot that I tie,
Kite that I fly
Please cast my wishes,
Into the sky.
Let this be done, and let it harm no one.

Make sure not to tie the tail of the kite too tight before taking it outdoors to a hill or someplace where you can fly a kite. Let it soar up to the sky, and as it continues to go higher and higher, keep repeating your invocation. Hold onto the string,and feel it continue to get tighter until it finally snaps and your kite is free to fly away in the wind, as it takes your wishes along with it. Keep an eye on it and shout at the top of your lung as you are watching it go:

Powers that be,
I ask that you see,
That I am free,
From all illness.
Let this be done, and let it harm no one.

Allow your hopes to soar along with the kite, and you will be returned to good health.

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