A Spell for Getting a Job that Suits You


This spell is intended to boost your chances of getting not just a single job, but one that suits you best.

You will need:

Two teaspoons of almond or any other suitable carrier oil
Purified lemongrass essential oil
A mixing bottle
An indigo tablecloth
An amethyst crystal
The Help Wanted column from a news paper you read
School and further education certificates
One white altar candle
One silver candle
A bolline or burin

Put three drops of the lemongrass oil into the carrier oil and mix the two together by rubbing the mixing bottle inside the palms of your hands until you feel the oils are charged with your ambition. Light the white candle and meditate quietly on the purpose of the spell.

When you sense that the time is right, inscribe the number “3” onto the silver candle with the burin, then anoint it with the mixed oil.┬áBe certain to rub from the middle since you are drawing something towards you.

Now light the candle and focus on its flame and speak the incantation;

Please carry me to the news,
That I will get an interview,
That I may be given the chance,
My career prospects to enhance,
And let it be done, that it harms no one.

Once the candles have burned down or your time runs out and you have to extinguish them, bring your sorcery to an end in the usual way, then wait for the post to come with a letter or a phone to ring with the news you want to hear.

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