New House Blessing Spell


If ever there was a good purpose for magic, it’s blessing a new home.

Because the intent is sweeping out the old energy in order to make room for the new, make sure you sweep with a birch broom. Getting rid of the dust isn’t the important part, which is why you can’t just vacuum.

Because this is a ritual act, you’ll have to sweep in a specific pattern. Start on the outside, and sweep clockwise until you circle into the center.

The idea is that you’re taking all the energy from around the room, and gathering it together into a small pile. Take the sweepings, and place them into a paper bag. You can burn the bag, or simply scatter the sweepings off into the wind.

Sunday before noon is the best time to start, and you should aim to finish just after 12. Of course, if you can’t manage all of that, doing it on the night of a new moon always works in a pinch. The idea is to symbolize new beginnings. There’s no need for a casting circle for this particular ritual. Since you work throughout the house, you won’t need to keep your energy gathered close.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 x part sea salt
1 x small bowl
1 x part rose geranium essential oil (rose water will work in a pinch)
An aromatherapy burner
1 x white candle
1 x part spring water
2 – 10 x grains of rice
1 x 15cm square of fabric, gold color

Start by consecrating the area, as per usual. Start at the far end of the top room of the house, and sprinkle a tiny pinch of salt into each corner. You’ll also want to sprinkle some on the corners of the window, as well as the door.

Here, you’ll state your intentions into the universe. There are words you can use below, but the important part is declaring intent. Therefore, you can use whatever words feel right to you.

Please scare away any negative forces from this home
And make this room special

Much like the sweeping, you’ll want to repeat the ritual in a clockwise pattern around the house. Once you’ve performed this part of the ritual, light the candle. Hold the candle in one hand, and the oil (or rose water) in the other. Proceed to walk from room to room, moving in the same pattern you did before. Place the candle in the center of each room (estimate, no need to get out the measuring tape), and anoint all the windows and doors with the rose oil (or water).

Once again, the next step is intended to declare your desires into the universe. Below are some words you can say, but magic is more about internal connections rather than rote performance.

This home to which we move, please be blessed
And all who enter, may their hearts be filled with love

Once that’s done, you can set the candle in the middle of the living room. The family room will work if you have a den. Use the spring water, pouring it into the burner. If you have essential oil, add a few drops. If not, just let the water evaporate into the air.

Once you’ve done this, sit and focus. Visualize the fragrance mingling with any negativity and carrying it away on the breeze. Once the candle has nearly burned all the way down, extinguish the flame. Anoint the candle stump with more of the rose water, and then sprinkle some rice on it.

Once that’s done, wrap it in the gold cloth. Take the package and place it in front of the front door. Perhaps under the doormat. Once again, the goal here is to speak your intentions into the universe.

To that end, here are some things you can say.

May all that pass into this home be blessed

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