Spell For Balance And Harmony In A Space


This spell provides a room, home or outside area (as long as it isn’t too large) with harmony and balance.

You will need the following:

Flowers inside a plant pot

For this particular blessing, we will be enchanting the flowers. If it is an indoor area, you can keep them inside the plant pot. For an outside area, you might want to plant them into the ground after the spell (however if you want to keep them inside the plant pot you can).

Your circle should be cast with the flowers inside of it.

Sprinkle some cinnamon, thyme and rosemary on the soil. The following blessing should then be recited:

Balance and harmony,

Peacefulness and ease,

By the Power of Three

All turbulence cease.

As you are reciting the blessing, visualize balance, harmony and peace flowing into the flowers.

Next, close your circle and put the flowerpot in the center of the area where you would like to bring balance and peace.

The effects of the spell will remain in effects as long as the flowers bloom and are alive. The spell might need to be repeated if they wilt.

Note: In order for this spell to work, at least one individual on the premises must truly desire harmony and peace! On the other hand, if all of the occupants are malicious and hostile and don’t want to have harmony, then the spell is not going to be effective.


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