A Healing Spell With A Basket


Do you know someone in ill health or low spirits? You can wish them well with this charmed basket. For the spell, you need a wicker basket with a handle, a flowerpot that fits into the basket, a suitable plant (especially one you have grown yourself), 3 spiral seashells, a piece of rose quartz and an amethyst crystal.

You should choose a plant which is appropriate to your friend’s illness or condition. If the person is vaguely unwell, you could always rely on pimpernel and larkspur, especially if these plants have a good aroma. Place the shells, amethyst, rose quartz in a spot that catches the moonlight and leave them there for 7 nights before there’s a full moon to recharge with enough energy.

The first morning after the full moon, plant the chosen plant and wash the leaves using dew. If the plant has long tendrils and leaves, you should weave them around the basket’s handle. Lay the recharged shells and stones from the moon on the soil and say the following words.

‘As with love this gift is given,
may (say the other person’s name) from (say their home or place) be driven,
and let it be done that it harm none.’

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